Incautious Driving

Colby S


Distracted driving can be caused by so much more than just the influence of drugs or alcohol. When you first get your license at age 16 the world seems like its in the palm of your hand. Free to do and be where ever you want. This may be true, but it does not mean that you are invisible and do not have to follow the rules just like everyone else. Distracted driving is something very common in today’s day of age. Cell phones, make up, food, music, friends or family in the back, your pet, the list could go on and on. When you become distracted while driving this can cause a collision or crash that could harm you or someone else. Some strategies that I use to keep myself from being distracted while driving is when I have friends or family in the car I make sure to let them know to not mess around and to keep hands off the driver. My cell phone automatically goes into airplane mode and into my purse onto the floor so I cannot even reach it. I make sure to eat or plan to eat when I arrive at my destination, and if my dog is in the car she stays in the back seat away from close range to me. I also like to keep my music at a low level to be able to hear the sounds around me. With these strategies I believe we could cause distracted driving collisions to go down drastically.


Distracted Driving