Distracted Driving Ends Today

Caitlin D

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I smile to myself as I get in my car. MY car. It’s no longer my dad’s; he got his own brand new car for Christmas. And I get his beautiful Nissan Pathfinder. I am so glad I no longer have to take the old, smelly bus to school anymore. This new sense of freedom sparks a sense of excitement in me.  I text my mom that I am heading out before I put my phone away in the glovebox. I don’t need any distractions while I am driving. Too many people die each day due to someone who is distracted behind the wheel. My own family, though their accident was not fatal, had their lives change forever when they were gruesomely T-Boned from someone else’s careless and distracted driving. I will not be the one responsible for another human being’s pain and suffering. I will make the choice not to shift my attention from the road to look at something that can wait at the most five or ten minutes. When you are holding the wheel, looking at the road, making sure you are safe, you are holding everyone’s life in your hands that you are sharing the road with.  Distracted driving ends today. It ends with me and it needs to end with you. No more people need to die for your distracted driving. No more people need to have lifelong consequences for a choice that you, fully aware, chose to make. These accidents are not accidental. By holding the phone in your hand, you are responsible for those you kill. Distracted driving ends today.