safe driving device

Torase B


It’s no secret that distractions such as texting or even talking while driving is unsafe for the driver and for drivers sharing the road. Television advertisements, newspaper advertisements, driver’s education warnings, in school and out of school reminders, do not get the attention of most people who are addicted to phone use and carry that addiction into their vehicles every time they start the engine. Many people start their cars and pick up their phones simultaneously. You see them talking, texting, swerving and driving below the speed limit because they are “phone distracted.” There is a very simple solution to this problem. Each car should be required to have a small device mounted in the vehicle, that will automatically interrupt cell phone reception. The device should be mounted somewhere it cannot be seen, possibly in the glove box or under the seat. This device will require the driver to exit the vehicle to receive or send calls. The driver will only be able access the emergency 911 feature on their phone. This device would solve the texting and talking while driving problem. It is very important that the device is embedded in the vehicle so that it is tamper free. Every person must have this device installed before they are allowed to purchase insurance or register a vehicle with the department of motor vehicles. The device must be affordable.  When it is time for a car inspection, the device must be checked to ensure that it is installed and functioning properly. The installation of this device will be required to purchase insurance, to receive a car registration and to pass a car inspection. The requirement for all three entities should cover most loopholes for those who will be looking for ways to avoid having this device installed. Police must be given the authority to randomly stop vehicles to check for the proper functioning of this device. The first offense should carry a fine of $500.00 if this device has not been installed or is not working properly. The second offense should carry a fine of $1000.00.  For the third offense, there should be a mandatory loss of license for 6 months and for the 4th offence a loss of license for 1 year would be warranted. If there is a 5th offense, the driver should permanently lose their license.  This device will save many lives.


The passage is about a device that will interrupt the drivers ability send or received texts and calls while sitting in the vehicle. The driver will only have access to the 911 emergency signal only.