I’ve Heard It All Before

Madison M


They tell me these things that are obvious to see I swear I’ve heard everything since I was three. Be careful on the roads! Slow down when it’s slick! The slippery roads won’t make me go that quick.   No talking on the phone! Or changing the songs! But don’t they know, it wouldn’t take long? Don’t eat your sandwich, even if it’s hot! But I spent my own money, it’s all that I got!   Checking your appearance? That can totally wait! I missed my alarm and I’m already late! Don’t close your eyes, even for a second! There’s nobody out, I doubt I’d be wrecking!   Don’t reach for anything, it could end in death! But I just need my gum, I kinda have bad breath! No drinking while driving, cause then you can’t think! I’m perfectly fine, I only had one drink!   My phone’s blowing up, it’s really distracting What if it’s important? And something has happened? It’ll only take a second, to scan through the words. I won’t go that far, I won’t even swerve.   But in that short second, I could ruin a life. I could kill someone’s kid. I could kill someone’s wife. Not only would their lives be changed forever, Mine would be too, and the guilt would cease never.   Everybody says, “I’ve heard it all before, We have classes and lectures, they’re always a bore.” The facts have been given, lessons have been learned, But many people still seem extremely unconcerned.   I leave this poem here, to hopefully make you see, Seconds are precious, much more than they seem. Lives can be destroyed in the blink of an eye So put distractions away or someone might die.


A poem about different kinds of distractions that could end up injuring (or killing) not only yourself, but the people around you.