My Big Brother

Trinity T

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My big brother, a night like any other. His shiny, silver car and glowing headlights and stars. He was traveling west, his mind was at rest. Until he saw the truck that was traveling east; a giant, humongous, metal beast. A beast that would hit him head-on in his car with the squeal of tires and a steely roar. His leg would be shattered but it really didn’t matter, because to the man in the truck it was simply bad luck. It wasn’t the fact that he was taking a call. It wasn’t distracted driving, not at all. My mom and a two hour drive to see if my brother was okay and alive.  All because of a man who just didn’t care, he nearly cost me my brother, it just wasn’t fair. He didn’t care if he was reckless or not. Maybe, like others, he simply forgot that it wasn’t just him on the road, alone. Or of the pain that can be brought by one little phone. What is my solution to reckless driving, you ask? Put down your phone, keep your mind on the task. Please, please realize that it isn’t just you, there are others whose lives are affected, too.