The Real Impact of Texting and Driving

Isabella T

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It didn’t have to end up like this. Three lives changed forever in a matter of .67 seconds. One was killed on impact, one was paralyzed from the neck down. The last one, escaped with only minor injuries. When the three of them got into their cars that fateful night, not one of them thought it would be the last time. Not one thought that one simple thing would change all three of their lives forever. They never thought it could happen to them. They’ve all heard of accidents like this one, but due to some teenage ignorance they all thought that it could never happen to them. Something so tragic could never happen, but it’s horrible that they had to find out like this; that they’re not immune to the very real dangers of this world.  Ryan, Daniella and Jack were three ordinary teenagers when the sun came up that day. It started as a good day, Ryan was the quarterback for the local high school. His coach kept him after practice to run a few more plays for the game next week, Ryan had a date with his girlfriend at 8. He was late. Every single stoplight on the way to Sophie’s house was red. He looked down for a couple seconds to send a text, saying that he was almost to her house. The car next to him started to creep forward. After seeing the car moving out of the corner of his eye, Ryan panicked because he thought that the light was green. He was distracted and didn’t check to see if the light was green, he floored the gas.  For Daniella and Jack, it was a normal day. Their grandparents had been at their house for the past week because their parents had won an all inclusive, week long cruise in the Caribbean. Their parents flight had landed, and the pair were on their way to the airport to pick up their parents. The stoplight they were coming up on was green. They were prepared to go right on by. Unfortunately, that was the same stoplight Ryan was at. The same stoplight where he was texting, and distractedly floored the gas when the light was still red.  Neither car had time to react. The impact was so sudden, like if a bystander blinked for a millisecond, they would have missed the collision completely. The front of Ryan’s car slammed into the passenger side of Jack’s car, right into where Daniella was sitting passenger. She was killed on impact. She had her whole life ahead of her, she had gotten a full ride scholarship into Michigan State for swimming. She was an Olympic hopeful, she was going to become a pediatric nurse because she adored children. All of that taken away in an instant. The force of impact on Jack’s car was enough to send it rolling 3 times before slamming into a light pole. This crushed a vertebrae in Jacks neck, paralyzing him from the neck down. He would no longer be able to pole vault for track, he would no longer be able to go into construction and build skyscrapers like he had dreamed about. Ryan walked away with minimal injuries. He may have escaped with his life, but he will always have to live with the guilt of the fact that he destroyed 2 lives that day, when he decided to text while driving.  More awareness needs to be spread about the impact on peoples lives that texting and driving has. Lives are destroyed everyday because of texting and driving.