Hope C

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senses Listen for the notification in your phone to be turned on. You can also listen for the sounds of sirens, doctors explaining the situation to your parents, the tears of your mother, and the organ at the funeral. Look at your phone so that you know what you are texting. Look at the blood soaking into the seats of the car, everything suddenly slowing as you look back at life until it all goes black. Grab your phone so it is in your hand at all times when driving. Grab the bars as you painfully learn to use your legs again in physical therapy. Think about how good the food tastes in that pictures your friend sent you. The taste of blood and guilt from potentially killing someone is bitter. Sniff and think about how you should get the scenery on your phone. The smell of a hospital and the medicine is enough to make anyone sick. Listen and make sure your phone is in silent. Hear the sound of your name being called at graduation. Look at the road and be conscious of your surroundings. See the latest movie with your friends. Grab your seatbelt and buckle in as you put your phone in your bag. Touch the hands of your loved ones at Christmas. Roll the windows down and taste the air. Share the deliciousness of a pizza with friends during your senior trip. Smell the world around you around as you drive though it. Smell the pin trees during Christmas time with those you hold dear. All it takes is one decision and it change the entire trajectory of not only your life, but the lives of others. Use common sense. Do not drive distracted.