Reckless and Distracted Driving

Hector M

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Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution: reckless and distracted driving is killing about 4,000 teens each year. A lot of these of these car wrecks caused by everyday mundane habits like; using our phones, eating, listening to music, or just not focusing on the road. Teens are the most common to be affected by this because they are the ones usually attached to their phones. The best solution for this problem would be to have your phone on silent and away from your field of vision. A lot of the times the distraction is the notifications people receive and they want to be constantly checking, so by putting it on silent it would help a lot. Another big problem is that a lot of teens hangout with their friends and they try to impress them by driving really fast or other dangerous things. Parents should be more cautious with lending their cars to their teens and should try to not let them go out too late to prevent more of these accidents. It’s understandable that sometimes there isn’t enough time to eat before going to the place you need to be especially if you are running late. People should just try to get ready earlier and eat something before going to where you to be, or even after. Another problem is blasting the music on the radio, most people listen to people in the car on their way to wherever they are going. Music can be a very big distraction because many people begin to sing along which causes them to not focus on the road, the best solution to this would be not to listen to music or just not play it as loud. Lastly, distractions from outside the car can cause reckless driving. People get distracted by billboards, signs, fires, or even other crashes that they forget to focus on the road. There is no easy solution to this since a lot of it is not the driver’s fault. They should just try their best to focus on their own driving. These are just some of my solutions to reckless and distracted driving that I believe can be helpful.