Driving Distracted

Candy M

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Driving distracted is a big issue. Did you know that 1 in 4 of all car accidents are caused because of a phone? Did you also know that about 11 teens die every day in  an accident. This probably has to do with our addition to our phones. Phones have become part of our everyday life, although they have many advantages, they can also be extremely dangerous. We are living in an era where almost everyone has a phone. This makes driving more dangerous. Have you ever been in a car with someone who has been either talking on the phone or texting? Because I have and it can be scary. One way to avoid being put in this situation is to do what I try to do, which is that when I’m the car with someone I try to be their designated texter or caller. This basically means I take over their phone. I’m the one to text people back or talk to them on the phone.Or even be the person to choose the music we are listening to while in the car. So that the person driving feels no need to be on their phone while driving. I encourage you to try this next time you’re in a car with someone when they take their phone out. Another way to drive safely if you don’t have a designated texter is to simply put your phone in airplane mode or even do not disturb. This makes it so your phone doesn’t receive any calls or texts. Because no call or text is worth your life. So remember driving while being distracted is no joke!