Device for Change

Stanley B

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Distracted and reckless driving is a huge problem in our country. Everyone knows the risks when they get into a car, that there is a real possibility that they could get hurt or even lose their lives. In addition, the chances of a driver getting into a crash increases even more if they are driving distracted. Yet people still choose to do it, everyday and other people pay the price for their actions. With the death toll of automobile collisions alone being in the millions, it is time to make a change. There have already been steps taken to attempt to prevent distracted driving. Such laws say that you could go to prison for texting and driving. However, this isn’t doing enough to stop people. The fact remains that phones are extremely easy to access on the road. But what if that changed? What if there was a way to stop people from using phones while inside the vehicle? My idea is a device that would shut down phones while inside an operating vehicle. This device would be installed into any cars off the assembly line and could be added on any cars being used now. It would be activated when the engine is started and would shut down any cellular devices in the car. This would force drivers to put their phones away and would stop passengers from distracting the drivers with their phones. The device could help bring the death toll in accidents down a large percentage. However, people will be upset about this because it will cause some inconveniences. For example, people use their phones for music, they wouldn’t be able to make any calls, and the biggest effect would be it wouldn’t only affect the driver. It would turn off any phones, tablets etc. to remove as many distractions from the vehicle as possible. While this device will cause many inconveniences, it should be worth it to save lives. It is time for people to make a change to protect their neighbors and fellow country men. Put down the phone, and save lives.