Life is not a game

Renz T

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3! 2! 1! GO! It’s the final lap and you’re drifting to victory. You use a mushroom to gain a boost. 1st Place! You’re a Mario Kart champion! No one can stop you, right? You can text others while playing and still win. All these shells and bananas in the way don’t matter. You’re just that good of a driver. You do this in real life too. What could go wrong? You’re just that good of a driver. Ding! Another notification appears. The car in front of you makes a sudden stop, but you’re able to brake in time. You’ve done this before. It’s just like that time you dodged that banana in Mario Kart. Close call, but you’re just that good of a driver. While you’re playing again, your friend texts you, “Hey!” You read it, knowingly risking another crash, but you do it anyway. You’re just that good of a driver. Slip! All of a sudden, you drive into the banana. You lose. Oh well, maybe next time. In real life, though, there is no next time. When you suddenly crash into another car, your life is at risk. Each time you’re distracted, your one and only life is at risk. Life is not the same as a game. Don’t treat it as such. You don’t have infinite tries. Get off your phone or any other distractions. Drive as if your life depends on it because it does.