To My Best Friend “Forever”

Bailey A

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Dear Best Friend, I am so thankful for you, all the memories, laughs, road trips, birthdays. I can remember the day I came up to you in second grade; I was new to the school and had no clue that I would meet my best friend that day.  We shared so many things in common, yet were so different, even at the age of 8. Our first soccer team together was the beginning of many years to follow. We traveled across California, having sleepovers with late nights, straight to the crisp and clean fields in the mornings. We loved coming to school the next week with our memories to share with our friends and teachers. I miss you. Middle school was a wreck but having you by my side made the awkward times the most precious. I can remember planning our outfits the nights before and the infamous Justice clothes we still rocked as our own fashion statement. This was our first year of school together that we weren’t in every class together, but we still spent every weekend together, and never forgot out morning routine of Minecraft and barbies before breakfast. The feeling of winning City Championships and buying our popsicles from the snack bar made middle school the best. I miss you. Summer 2016 had to be our best summer yet. Your new beach house stored the best shopping trips, bright beach days, and the most delicious dessert runs. Everyone had told us high school was going to be the best 4 years of our life, and we spent every moment imagining each possible memory to be made. Freshman year helped us branch out to new friends from new schools, getting to dress as our favorite Disney princess and experience our first Formal together. Sophomore brought us so close, our parents were convinced we were the same person. Not a day went by I didn’t see you or talk to you, as if we were sisters. The late nights, unplanned ice cream runs, and unforgettable Instagram pictures made us feel like the luckiest 16 year old’s in the world ou junior year. I miss you. This year is different. I began my first day of senior year, getting ready for my “Last First Day”, and took cheesy Snapchat stories of homecoming week, but you weren’t there. All our friends and I applied to college, spent countless hours studying for our SAT, but you weren’t there. I got my hair and makeup done and put on the most beautiful gold Prom dress, but you weren’t there.  I will be walking at graduation, but you won’t be there. But here I am, one year later, writing this letter to you. You are not here, because of me. My text. My notification. My text message that made you take your eyes off of the road on the way to our last day of junior year together, selfishly wondering where you were so we could walk in together. My life has never been the same without you, and it is my fault that I was your distraction. There are so many things that I wish I could tell you, but I feel it is my fault I can’t because of my stupid text. Did I make you look at your phone? Did I cause you to run that stupid red light? I’ know that I will never cause another one of the people that I love to lose their life by texting and driving. Life is more important than my texts, and all I can say now is that I miss you.