Distracted Driving

John M

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In today’s society, we are faced with distractions from the world around us. We want to know what is going on no matter the place or time. We often become curious about what is happening around us such as looking at a car crash while driving by, rather than focusing on the road ahead of us. This obscure phenomenon has brought the question, why can’t we look away from such tragedies? Yes, it is quite a spectacle as you see police cars up ahead and realize there has been an accident. Your first instinct is more than likely to slow down as you pass by to observe the aftermath. Even though it’s difficult to ignore, we must educate ourselves to know the dangers and realize that it’s not worth it. For it is ironic to look at a car crash, as by doing so you become distracted and increase your chances of causing another accident. Although it is not clear what causes this behavior, there have been many discoveries that suggest seeing destruction triggers survival instincts. Further stating, a possibility, that we learn more from negative experiences than from positive ones. There are many different types of distractions while driving which can be resolved. As for this phenomenon, a solution is beyond our reach. Not only should you look out for yourself but those riding along with you. Don’t be responsible for the physical wounds and mental trauma that will soon be a devastating truth for the victims and their families. May this message be the lesson and not the experience of being involved in a car crash. Hopefully, we as individuals learn how to focus on the things we are doing to prevent causing harm to others; in this case not paying attention to what’s ahead of us. Focus on the road and don’t become easily distracted; save yourself the trouble and save a life today for a better tomorrow.