Reducing Reckless Driving

Rene J

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” I just got a text; I need to reply to it” or “I need to answer this phone call; it’s brief” are the most common thoughts every driver has while driving a vehicle. Every day many teens die by reckless driving just by looking at their phone. Taking your eyes off the road just to read a message for five seconds while driving at fifty-five miles per hour is the same as driving the length of a football field blindfolded (Summerville, 2017). It is unbelievable how drivers don’t care about their own lives and the lives of others. It is mournful how a law enforcement officer knocks at a family’s house stating that they had lost a member in a car accident when all this could have been avoided by setting the phone aside. There are several ways how to reduce careless and perilous driving. Drivers cannot take their eyes off the road no matter what.   My first suggestion is putting the phone on silent or have it off. If you forget to do it, ignore every notification and do not touch the phone. If you really need to make a call or answer a call, pull off the road and make a complete stop at a store or other location and park the car. If you do so, only make the call and do not send any text messages. If you are traveling, take a passenger along to keep an eye on the phone and indicate directions so accidents do not occur.    My second suggestion is helping our police departments by donating money to help them get more officers out on the roads. Some states have a shortage of troopers which means more accidents are likely to happen. Drivers usually obey driving rules when a police officer is patrolling on the side of the road looking for lawbreakers. Most car accidents happen when police officers are not patrolling. The more police that are on the roads, the more drivers obey the laws and accidents are prevented.   Another suggestion can be increasing citation prices because drivers will not care much if they get pulled over by a police officer if citations are not high enough to punish drivers about their reckless driving. Perhaps increasing citation prices will convince drivers to obey rules because they will be reluctant to pay an expensive citation for reckless driving or making a poor decision behind the wheels.   My last suggestion is limiting the time or numbers of texts that can be sent. This can work like high speed data in a phone service. Once the time or text messages is used up, it will need to be refilled the next month. If it does not work, perhaps ban all texting apps and give consent to only phone calls that are restricted and limited.   In conclusion, have phones off on silent mode, and help our police department hire new officers to prevent accidents. Perhaps increasing citation prices and limiting text messages can help as well. If someone fails to do so, it can cost a life or lives including a family in an accident.  Why risk lives when you got all your time at home to text and call?     Works Cited  Summerville, T. (n.d.). How Far Does Your Vehicle Travel While Looking at Your Cell Phone? Retrieved from