Your Steering Wheel

Alyson O

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I see you taking your hands off me. Why? Why do you insist it will be fine to let me go for a couple of seconds while you check that text from him? Is he more important than me? Is he more important than your own life? Don’t you know that I can keep you safe? Don’t let go of me. Keep me in your hands. Pay attention to what is above me. Let me keep you safe on your way to school. Keep both of your hands on me and don’t let go. I want to take you on life’s journeys. I want to take you to beautiful destinations, but I can only do that if you promise not to let me go. I see you look over at your phone. You pick it up and let go of me. “It’s only for a couple of seconds it’s okay” you think to yourself. It’s not. You look over at the burger you just bought and pick it up as you get on the highway. “I can drive with one hand, it’s fine” you think to yourself. It’s not. You dig in your makeup bag, grab your lipstick, and put it on. “I’ll only look away for a couple of seconds at a time, it’s fine” you think. It’s not. I want to scream to you, “Pay attention!”, but I realize I can’t. For I am only a steering wheel. Next time you think about letting go of me think “why? Why am I willing to sacrifice my own life and others’ lives by letting go?”. Life throws all kinds of obstacles in your way even while you are driving, but with both hands on the wheel you can prevent all kinds of accidents. You are ready to swerve, change lanes, or turn quickly to avoid collisions. Driving with two hands ensures that you are paying attention to the road and that you are ready to take on any danger the road throws at you. Pay attention to your steering wheel, it’s only there to keep you safe.