For You and I

Everen G



Distracted driving is not something that can be solved easily, or in the blink of an eye, but love might be the most powerful way to fight it. Our loved ones want us to be safe on the road just as much as we want them to be safe. Keeping those we love in mind can remind us that we’re not only putting ourselves in danger when we drive, but also everyone we’re in a relationship with. One way of keeping them in mind is to imagine that your loved ones are in the car with you as you drive. How would you drive in that scenario? Being on time, checking your phone, or being frustrated are not as important as family, and YOU HAVE A FAMILY, whether by blood or not. Choose to drive safely out of love for them. And encourage others to drive safely too! In this song, the first chorus is about a personal choice, and the ending chorus is about asking someone else to make the same choice. I’m asking you, make the choice to protect your family, and refuse to drive recklessly. “For You and I” Lyrics: (Verse) Fire and smoke; the wreckage of a choice I made to watch my phone when I should have watched the road. I look at you, unconscious here beside me and I wonder will we ever make it home? (Pre Chorus) How did we let this get so carried away, when neither of us wanted to? There isn’t anything I could ever say. All I care about is you. (Chorus 1) So next time that I’m driving I will make up my mind not to check who is calling. I’m not risking your life. Put my phone somewhere I’ll never see. Imagine you’re in the care with me. I refuse to drive recklessly and lose you and I. And lose you and I. (2x) (Chorus 2) So next time that you’re driving baby make up your mind not to check who is calling. No more risking your life. Put your phone somewhere you’ll never see. Imagine you’re in the care with me. Take control of your future, and save you and I.