The Bridge to Safety

Adryán R


The Bridge to Safety   One license Two rowdy friends Three message notifications Four eyes go astray Four wheels cross the line four families wait at four Four killed at 45 miles per hour Five orphans Five teens   Five friends four mothers three sisters two brothers all mourn senseless loss   Five more teens send texts at five Five in the afternoon rush hour will be arriving soon Four by four by four by four the deaths seems to multiply Four glove boxes open four phones locked away Four conscious decisions for life for today Four sets of hand on the wheel at all times Three passengers observe Three crosses in the ditch as a reminder Three rings can wait Two cars pass on a two-way road Two safe drivers No one dies


This poem is structured around the idea of a bridge. On one side there is death and mourning due to distracted driving and on the other side there are safe drivers and good decisions and life. I chose to use poetry to convey the messages of this scholarship opportunity because out of all of the genres, poetry calls for the reader to think critically and we all would greatly benefit if all drivers would critically think about their driving decisions and practices. Poetry has had a history of driving change. I hope these words can be influential and drive others to be better drivers.