Driving Safely

Isabella R


Reckless and distracted driving is a serious, everyday problem. Many people do not realize the danger they can get themselves or others into. The first step to a solution is that people need to be aware of what the main causes of collisions are and how many people die as a result of them. An example is that at least one in four crashes are caused by someone using their phone while driving. Also about four thousands teenagers die each year just from car crashes. The second step is to make simple changes such as not using one’s phone, buckling up, and having a clear mind while driving. Studies show that fifty percent of people who died in crashes would have survived if they were wearing a seatbelt. The third step is to help others realize the importance and responsibility of driving safely. Spreading awareness and setting a good example for others can go a long way. Lastly one should always drive defensively rather than offensively. Any person behind the wheel should always stay alert and drive without any distractions.


My essay is about how to avoid getting injured or dying in car crashes. This is a very serious topic that effects everyone. Everyday families and communities are impacted by these tragedies that can be prevented.