Lives Are Worth Saving

erin B


In today’s world, many people are getting injured due to distractions that occur¬† behind the wheel. Distractions can be texting while driving or even changing the music on the radio. As far as this goes, reckless driving is another problem that needs to be fixed. The modern cars today have hands free calling, but they still lead to people in car accidents. With the hands free calling people just have to push a button, however they are still taking their eyes off of the road. Even though it might just be a second, lots can flash before your eyes. A solution to fix this problem is to have your phone automatically turned off except for the music. To prevent people from getting in accidents due to changing the station is that all buttons should be on the wheel. This would help people because they would not have to reach over to change the station. Many people know that the law is no texting while driving, but still continue to text anyways. This way if their phone is off they are not tempted to reach. When the car goes into park their phone will automatically be turned on. In addition, reckless driving is another problem that needs a solution. In order to stop this, more police need to be out on the roads scanning for people who speed. If a cop sees examples of reckless driving he should automatically pull them over and give them a ticket. They should not be let go with a warning. If this was the case many people would learn to slow down and go the proper speed.


Car safety to protect from distraction