Distracted Driving: A revolutionary invention

Mychal A


Distracted driving is any activity that diverts attention from driving, including talking or texting on your phone, eating and drinking, talking to people in your vehicle, fiddling with the stereo, entertainment or navigation system—anything that takes your attention away from the task of safe driving. Distracted driving has caused more than 1,500 deaths in Georgia and that is just the number in 2016. That number has risen every year since then. Very recently in Georgia, there has been a law enacted called the hands free Georgia act that says you are not allowed to have your phone in your hand while driving. There are many opinions about this new law and what is allowed and what is not. There are some exceptions: you can make a call to report an accident, a medical emergency, a crime, or hazardous road conditions.  You can also use your phone when lawfully parked which does not include stop signs or at a traffic light. The use of a GPS is allowed but you or the passenger must type in the address before you leave and not while you are driving or en route. While these exceptions are necessary they leave room for other tactics of distracted driving.      I believe that this law is a good step towards eradicating distracted driving, however, I do believe the law should be revamped. Many people don’t have to touch their phone to send texts or to talk on the phone. We have Siri, Apple watches, Alexa and many other automated hands-free programs that allow us to “Multitask” in and out of the vehicle. Talking on the phone hands-free or texting hands-free can be just as distracting with the phone in hand. If I were to revamp the law it would require that all phones must be on do not disturb when in the car. I don’t expect everyone to follow the law by turning on do not disturb while driving and that’s why the phone manufacturers would have to give the phone a function that knows when people are driving and automatically turns on when driving and off when completely parked.         There are many other forms of distracted driving such as eating or drinking, talking with other people in the car, music, and entertainment systems. It’s highly unlikely to believe that one invention can eradicate all of these distractions, but with this one, I believe we can wipe out at least one or two of these. The invention is actually quite simple. All cars should be manufactured like a taxi, where there is a partition that not only separates the front from the back but the passenger from the driver and it is soundproof. The driver will not be distracted by talking or loud noises and the partition would come with an emergency button for the passenger and people in the back to warn the driver of sudden emergencies. I see that this may cause problems for adults with only small children in the car but the partition would come equipped with sensors, any yelling or screaming or crying would automatically send an emergency warning to the driver so they can pull over and tend to their children. Another invention is to move the radio and entertainment systems to the back of the car or to the passenger side so they can control the music and the driver does not have to worry about it. It might be a while before we can completely eradicate distracted driving but there have been great advances in technology that will allow us to make our roads safer.


My essay describes a type of invention that will help people be safer while driving.