Intelligent Cars

Rayanna P


Reckless and distracted driving is an unfortunate thing happening every day, all around us. It comes in all shapes and forms from cell phones to drowsiness and speeding. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 3,166 people were killed in 2017 by distracted driving. Things aren’t hopeless, however, as there is a solution to fix reckless and distracted driving around us. Cars with the programmed ability to recognize when a crash is about to happen could save thousands of lives each year. It can do this by constantly scanning the driver’s actions and surrounding area, slowing down and stopping if it senses a potential crash. Imagine this: A driver very late to work is going down a busy road, desperately hoping their boss won’t fire them. Their boss calls them at that moment, causing them to pick up the phone and shift their attention off the road. The car picks up the driver’s position in the car, their eye focus, and the car rushing towards the truck ceasing to move in front of it. The car slows down, using the appropriate speed to stop a safe distance away from the truck. Another crash, one that could have ended up with severe injuries and the loss of irreplaceable lives, was prevented. These cars can fix the problem of reckless and distracted driving by saving thousands of lives every year, both the victims and the causers of the crash. The amount of accidents per year would decrease, and the roads we drive on would be safer for everyone.


Cars that could scan their interior and surroundings could save many lives on the road and prevent reckless driving.