What If’s

Hannah G


Samantha’s 16 year old brother was hit by a car last month. “What if the driver wasn’t texting and driving? Maybe then, he would’ve seen my brother crossing the street”, she thinks every morning.  Brandon’s cousin died in a car crash two years ago.  “What if she had turned down the volume of her music? Maybe then, she would’ve heard the car behind her honking”, he thinks every time he sees her picture.  Jason’s best friend has been in a coma, due to a car crash, for 3 weeks. The doctors don’t think he will make it.  “God, why did you allow him to drive after getting 2 hours of sleep last night? If only he hadn’t driven while being so exhausted… Please save him”, he prays in his best friend’s hospital room every night.  Ann’s daughter died last night in a car crash, along with two of her friends.  “What if she had just worn her seatbelt? What if they hadn’t tried to fit 7 people into a car that only fits 5? Maybe then, she would be next to me on the sofa right now”, she thinks as she listens to the last voice message her daughter ever left her. Jim just attended his grandson’s funeral. His grandson was only 17 years old when he crashed his car and died earlier last week.  “What was he thinking? Eating and driving? Taking his hands off the wheel just for a bite to eat? I wish he had waited to eat his burger at home”, he thinks as he passes by the McDonald’s that sold his grandson his last meal.  What if’s cross the minds of the loved ones of about 4,000 teens who die in car crashes each year. Don’t leave your family and friends behind, heartbroken and wishing you had made different decisions.  What if you started making safe and smart decisions in your vehicle today? Maybe then, our streets would be safer and our loved ones would be happier.


When my cousin was 13 years old, he was hit by a car while crossing the street. The crash put him into a coma for a month, and then he died. During this period of time, I asked a lot of “What If” questions and wished that the driver would have been more cautious. In my entry, I encourage others to be safe and cautious drivers so that they don’t cause loved ones to go through the same grieving process that I did.