It Was Too Late

Rusul M


You didn’t know what to feel at the moment except anger and heartbreak. It was what everyone surrounding you also felt standing under the blank grey sky surrounding the coffin being lowered to the ground. But you felt that your anger was different. It was directed at yourself. After all, you were the one who was with her when it happened. You were the one who didn’t tell her to stop texting and focus on the road. No, you were encouraging her instead, laughing while raising the volume of the car so that you can sing along to some stupid song. Looking back at that moment, you hate yourself even more for not speaking up at that one moment when the car slightly swerved and worry overcame silliness. But she instantly snapped to attention and righted it. So it was okay, right? You don’t have to say anything anymore. But then she picked up her phone again. You didn’t want to make her mad after you two just made, you didn’t want to lose your friend because you confronted her about doing something that everyone does, so you awkwardly laughed and tried to focus on the road yourself. But it was too late. The red light has already been turned on for several seconds by that time and the cars making a left turn had already started moving. Moving towards her side. She tried. She really did. The tires screeching as she braked the car while her phone fell to the ground. But it was too late. When you woke up in the hospital, no one told you anything. But it was obvious. It was too late. Too late to speak up. If you could talk to her for one last time, you’d want to tell her that for such a smart person, she was acting stupid that day. That now you can’t be walking partners for graduation together. And you’re not going to be able to hear her say her valedictorian speech that you two have been perfecting since eight grade. That you two now aren’t going to go to UCLA together this fall, even after all the hard work you two put in to get in. That when next year comes around, instead of showing at her house at 5 AM and wake her up with singing of happy birthdays, you’ll be driving to the cemetery with flowers on the passenger seat and tears on your cheeks to tell her how you’ve been trying to survive the past year without her. That everyday for the rest of your life, you’ll be regretting the fact that’ it’s too late to speak up.    It’s not too late for everyone else. Speak up and save your loved ones and yourself if you see them texting while driving. Don’t let it be too late.


What if it happened? One day you were riding with your loved one or friend while they are texting and an accident occurred? What if it was life threatening? What if they died? What if you died? It”s not too late to stop texting and driving. Save your family, friends, and yourself.