Don’t Be Stupid

Audrey T


You’re driving to your local high school- your usual daily routine. You’re listening deep into your music and headbanging along. Suddenly, you get a text from your boyfriend/girlfriend telling you they’ll be a bit later for school that day. You look down for what seems like 2 second and BOOM! CRASH! Your car suddenly hits the car in front of you with a great force. You make it out alive and severely injured, but the child in the car in front of you wasn’t so lucky. Automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of teen deaths in today’s society. A majority of them are caused from a teen’s carelessness of texting and driving. There have been different ways to try to solve this issue, but none of them have made a big enough impact. However, I have an idea that may be able to help this crisis. My idea incorporates the use of a handy, little app that parents set up on their teen’s phone that regulates specifically the use of their phone while they are driving. The app tracks the speed that the teen is going and shuts off all access to texting, social media, etc. The teen can still get calls as long as the phone is connected to the car’s bluetooth functions. As long as parents educate themselves on the app and teens are compliant, then this should decrease the amount of fatalities due to texting and driving.


I came up with this essay from thinking of the various options that are available now and putting my own thoughts into it.