Driving Nightmare

Keyon W


One day, I was walking to my car and I opened my car door to get inside the vehicle. Then, I started the engine and I looked on my phone on my social page. Then my foot pushed on the gas pedal and it went full force. I was trying to break, but there wasn’t a brake to stop the car’s kinetic energy. I looked on my phone and it said, “Why would you do this”?. I was demented on why my phone was talking to me. Then, I was in panic mode on why this is happening to me and still demented on why my car doesn’t have any brakes. My phone said something different, “You would regret this”. I was unhinged or demented that my phone is telling me that I would suffer from this problem that I would be facing. The last time, my phone was talking to me in a google translation tone, “You would have a 100% chance of being deceased in this accident” and it shutdown. I was losing my sanity and my mph guage was increasing its maximum speed. My engine was on fire or my car was generating heat from the car being overworked by the battery. I can’t see anything because of the smoke and it was quite invisible. I seen a gray car that was going across the intersection and closed my eyes. Then I was awakened in my cozy bed just repose on my firm mattress thinking that I shouldn’t be doing that because I was done for when I hit the car in full force. I said,” The good thing that it was all a dream because I don’t want to experience that in reality.”   Never be on your phone while driving. Always have your car in parked mode or turn it off when you have to deal with something that is important. Never text and drive because it would cost your life and use common sense to pull your car over. Nightmares can help you change your ways of driving or could convey a message that should be taken for granted.


This is about me having a nightmare that turned out to be a life lesson about being off your phone while behind the wheel. It doesn’t matter if it’s any of the issues of today’s society, but they can all cause you life either from experience or just being oblivious to the matter.