Don’t Drive Distracted

Madison P


There is danger on the roads, and it’s called distracted driving.  With the law allowing a sixteen year old to get their license it’s also trusting them to follow rules.  There’s an issue though, they don’t. Teenagers tend to get distracted so easily and with that comes amateurish driving.  They put themselves in danger and others. The blame can’t all go to the teenagers though. Part of the issue is experienced drivers.  They begin to trust themselves too much, and with that they create mayhem. Teens have a law in which they can’t drive with friends, but they still do.  A solution for this would be more patrol.  Not necessarily all throughout towns but near high schools.  Some high schools are off campus eating for lunch. That is where I have witnessed many get behind the wheel with friends piled in there cars.  With more cops near the schools it would hopefully affect the choices newly licensed drivers made. This would go to show that they have more of a chance at getting caught and in effect they’d hopefully no longer drive friends illegally.  Friends are not the only issue, phones are found to be very tempting when driving. A solution to the addiction of looking at a phone while driving would be enforcing parents to become more aware of the dangers of driving with a phone at young ages.  There is a where parents can monitor when their child is on the phone while driving. There are also apps where the phone will not send through notifications while it is in a moving car. If parents were more aware of these things, for example driving instructors had papers on them, then less teens would get away with being on their phones while driving.  All it takes is one glance at their screen because it buzzed, and an accident can be caused.   Distracted driving is not just a teen issue.  Those who have experience, parents, grandparents, anyone is at risk of being distracted.  For example, when someone begins to feel more comfortable with driving they may eat while driving or take a drink of something.  That is a distraction because driving takes undivided attention. Eating and driving is multitasking and it;s dangerous. A solution for this issue is simply not allowing people to eat and drive.  They may trust themselves, but the people they drive around do not know them. They are not trusted by others. While making eating and driving illegal it is a solution. A harsh one yes, but smart driving is surviving.


In these three short paragraphs I intend to show that distracted driving is preventable. While it is caused by teenagers, they are not the only ones to blame. Everyone on the road needs to be thinking about how they drive, because a distraction can happen to anyone, Then, in the blink of an eye bad things can happen. Driving safe will save lives.