I am 5 seconds

Michelle W


I am 5 seconds, pretty insignificant in everyday life. You look at me and think “Eh, it’s not that long.”. You usually notice me when the microwave is about to go off or when you are counting down for school to let out. Did you know I can go really far though? I can go the length of an entire football field when going 55 mph! Think about your football team running from end zone to end zone to score a touchdown in that time! Now think about when you look at your phone, I again don’t seem like that long. When you are driving, and you look down at your phone, I am much longer than I appear. I have seen numerous car accidents, loss of life and countless avoidable situations. In my time I have seen children become orphans, mothers become childless, wives become widows and members of a generation with a lot to offer, forever silenced; all because they took me for granted. I never wanted this to happen, I never wanted to cause such trauma, but now I can change a person’s life forever. I cannot control what you do with me, but you can. I am 5 seconds, spend me wisely.


I wanted to show 5 seconds in a first person point of view. How he is not okay with being thought about as insignificant. He is wanting to show how if he is used in an unsafe way, like distracted driving, it can cause deadly consequences. He wants drivers to give him a second thought so they can make better decisions and be safer when behind the wheel.