Preventing Texting and Driving

Christopher A

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We have enter a time in which kids are having phones at very young ages. If we have a problem right now with todays young adults and their very real phone addiction, then how do you feel about the next generation of young drivers. Knowing this I feel as it’s our responsibility to take action in helping stop texting and driving. My solution for this is to install a metal to rooftops of cars so that people driving can stop using their phones while on the road. Of course their is some draw backs in which many people of the 21 century are going to dislike, but at the end of the day its peoples lives we are talking about. GPS is one of the questions that will come to mind but many cars come with built in GPS or even and this a crazy idea but we can interact with people and ask people for help. I believe that this small change will lead to a major impact and is in my eyes a reasonable thing to do.