Distracted Driving is Devastating

Jarom C

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Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous because the human mind can only ever focus on one thought or action at a time, so if a person decides to drive distractedly then it can easily lead to a crash. I was fortunate enough to attend a special driving class where the instructors were teaching about the various hazards that can happen when people drive wrong, such as texting or drinking. It was interesting because they put us on a giant course away from any actual traffic and they had us drive. The instructors told us to start driving around this course while texting. In addition to this, they turned the radio up and had the other students make a lot of noise in the back of the car. I quickly noticed how impossible it was to focus on both texting and driving. The instructors were all trained and the course was a safe one so there was no real danger, nowhere to crash into. However, while texting I did run over the cones they put in place for the exercise. It essentially showed had I been actually on the road I would have gone off of it, or into another lane, or even into another car. It was definitely a lesson to me of the seriousness of distracted driving and how it should not be done at all. I know that it can cost the driver their life or even the lives of others. It can destroy families and ruin other relationships. It is certainly not something I want in my life, which is why I don’t text and drive, and I encourage everyone to not drive with distractions. I mean at the end of the day it isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey and that’s also something you don’t want to miss!