Impact Teen Reckless Driving Entry

Soleil C


Within the 21st century, technology has advanced tremendously, improving and advancing our pop culture, but slowly putting a damper on our safety and self image. As teens, we face the brunt of this new era. As teenagers, one of the most thrilling checkpoints in our lives is getting our drivers license. This is one of the best feelings that liberates us, allows us to be more free and independent. Putting the two together, technology and driving, is something our society is dealing with within the past 2o years. The fatality rate in teenage reckless driving has increased dramatically within the course of the years. It is time we put an end to this and start looking for an alternative to decrease the fatality rate and implement safety within the teens, just like me, while driving. My number one, and most effective way to prevent reckless driving among teens, is to simply lock their technology devices with the vehicle is in motion. We have certain tricks that can prevent phone usage while in cars, but nothing as clear cut as shutting the phone completely off or locking it while you are moving in a vehicle. Currently, I have the setting on my phone that makes me tap, “I am not driving”, before unlocking my phone, but even while in motion, I am one click away from accessing my device while in motion. If there was a set in stone setting on all Apple and Samsung phones to permanently lock or deactivate the use of the phone and other devices while in the moving vehicle, there is a high chance that the rate for distracted or reckless driving will dramatically decrease. While on the road, you will notice so many people on their phones will driving, most including teens. Without the leading cause of distraction while driving, the reckless driving rate is sure to decrease.


I am Soleil Cevasco. I am 17 years old, in high school, with a drivers license. As a driver for almost two years now, I see my peers and other people on the road, analyzing how they drive and how to drive better and more safe. Drunk and reckless driving has been a topic of discussion in my high school, and others, as it is very important. Being a young girl, with a smaller car, a newer license, I am surrounded by many people who have had their license for much longer than me but drive incredibly recklessly. In this writing piece I have provided, I explain ways to prevent reckless and drunk driving at the teen age.