“It’s fine!”

Magdelene S

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“Come on, dude, turn your phone off.” I said to my friend as she drove. We were sleeping over at her house, and she had to pick me up because my car was at the repair shop. I was looking forward to it; we had a few packages of mixes for different baked goods, a lineup of movies to watch on Netflix, and a week’s worth of gossip to share with each other. Though, she couldn’t seem to put her phone down while driving. It seemed that she cared more about what her aunt was texting her than the fact that she had already almost ran two red lights. “We’re almost there, it’s fine.” I groaned and looked forward, watching the road since she clearly wasn’t going to. A song came on that I recognized, and happened to like. It was one of my favorites, really. I closed my eyes and let the music take over me as I swayed my head in beat to the music. It was so good, this song was one I could yell along to if I was alone. I opened my eyes to see my friend still on her phone. Great, she really didn’t care, did she? Then, as I’m turning my eyes to check on the road, I see the light turning red, but we are going too fast to stop. The cars going the other way start going, and then it’s silence. She t-boned into another car, and already I can hear sirens sounding in the distance, or maybe it’s just my ears ringing. I can’t hear very much. Everything hurts, and I couldn’t move if I tried. It’s all too bright, and there’s definitely sirens now. Someone is sitting on the ground in front of the other car, I think she was driving. God, I hope there weren’t kids in that other car. I look over to my friend, I think she’s unconscious. Her phone is hanging limply in her hand, I want to throw it as far away as I can. I never want to see a phone again. I wish I hadn’t closed my eyes while listening to that song, maybe I could have prevented this. I tell that to the cop later, as he is questioning me. He told me I couldn’t have done anything, that I had already done everything I could. He asks if there was alcohol involved. I say no. Drugs? No. Phone? Yes, I tell him. She had been texting a family member. Food? No, we weren’t eating. Later, I heard that there was a young man in the passenger side of the other car that had a broken leg and a severe concussion, and a younger girl sitting behind the driver that had a minor concussion. No one died, but my friend would be in the ICU for a while. She would be charged with reckless driving and attempted vehicular manslaughter.