The App That Saves Lives

Jeannette M

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Recently I was involved in a car crash because the driver was distracted by her phone. Coming around a turn on a two lane road, I saw her car barreling into my lane. I quickly swerved as much of my car off of the road as I could to avoid being hit; however it was not enough. Her drivers side of the car slammed into mine which took out both of our side mirrors and damaged the back drivers side of my car and the front drivers side of her car. I was extremely shaken up and realized later that if I had not reacted at the time I did, the crash could have been a head on collision that could have killed or seriously injured me or the other driver. I cannot say that as a driver I have been perfect about not being distracted, but from that day on, I have promised myself that I will not let anything distract me while I drive. A text or a notification is not worth my or someone else’s life. It’s hard to resist looking at our phones whenever we receive a notification. In fact, it has almost become second nature to look when we see our screen light up. This can be an extremely dangerous habit to have when we’re driving, so why not eliminate this danger completely? In an effort to eliminate distracted driving, I have come up with an idea for an app called DrivePay that will allow users to be rewarded for choosing to drive distraction free. DrivePay can be turned on before you start driving and will block all notifications from appearing on your phone screen. The GPS on the app will keep track of the amount of miles you drive and for each mile that the app is in use, you will earn a point. Once you have reached a certain amount of points, either a coupon or a gift card from stores like Target or restaurants such as Macaroni Grill or Sonic will be given to the user. If I were to make this idea a reality, I would want to pair with local and nationwide businesses and allow them to choose at what point amount they would want to give away their prize. With the app, you can even customize your preferences so that you can be receiving rewards from the stores and restaurants that you love instead of the ones you don’t. I believe that this would be a great incentive for both kids and adults to keep their focus on the road. This is an extremely unique feature that is unlike any other safe driving app out there and I believe it would help make our roads safer. If you were to try to peek at your phone while driving, you would only see is a dark background with two push buttons in the center, one next to the word “Off” and the other next to the number “911”. When you reach your destination, push the “Off” button to let the app know you are done driving and would like to see your notifications. The “911” button on the home screen can be used in case of a emergency. If you need directions to your location, you can use the Map feature which will still block all notifications from coming in, but will guide you to your destination through voice command only. DrivePay ensures that users choose to drive distraction free and therefore it creates a safer driving experience for not only yourself, but for others on the road as well.