Driving – Limited Apps Notification

Emily H



Looking at the prompt “Create a solution or strategy to fix the very real problem of reckless and distracted driving” reminded me of the phone application “Pokemon Go” which after a few updates came with a notification for drivers. If it thought you were going too fast to be playing a game, it would notify you saying “You’re going too fast! Pokemon Go should not be played while driving”, and though not everyone is bound to listen, it catches attention and puts the thought of driving without distraction in the player’s head. My idea is for all smartphones to have these kind of built in notifications, and if it can monitor that you’re traveling over 10 mph, it restricts all applications except for phone, which allows businesses to keep up with conference calls and for people to call in case of emergencies, but still keeps them from being distracted by other apps and games. Once under 10 mph, all apps become accessible to take quick notes, and change the genre of music, etc.