Drivers Regret

Kyle J

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The max speed of a car is 435.31 kilometers per hour. Thats a lot of power. Think of it like this. You never want to drive amiss. You will always have distractions around you. Most importantly, your phone is what you should subdue. I can tell you from experience. Whenever I think about it, I feel deleterious. It was a pouring outside. It was not the day to see the clouds hide. My brother was turning 9 and all he wanted was a dog. So my parents gave me all the money they had just to get him this dog since he had a clear analogue. It was getting late and I had no time to waste. I left the door at the world’s most speedy pace. As I got in the car I put my phone on my lap. I had never been to the pet-shop before, so I had planned to use it as a map. I rush to the store, hoping that I am not too late. As I drive, the journey seems to dilate. I try to check the time on this rainy night. My phone had dropped out of sight. It fell on the floor. Somebody started to call me and I knew if i picked it up real quick, my parents will deplore. I did it anyway. I was not worried since I do this everyday. I quickly reach for the phone. I suddenly hear a loud tone. As I look up I hear a kid scream. I hoped that it’s not what it seems. I quickly get out my car. I see people looking at me from afar. I put my hands on my face as I see my brothers body on the ground. He would still be alive if my phone wasn’t around.