Taken Too Soon

Connor D

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I woke up, surrounded by light, dazed and confused. Where could I be I asked myself, Out of the light a voice rings out: “Welcome, you have been taken too soon” I made a promise. I made a promise to myself, my friends, my family. I made a promise I would be safe, but in the end it was not me who I should have worried about. I kept my promise. It’s those who do not make that promise. The ones who take away someone’s mother, brother, aunt, uncle. It’s them, unto which the fault lies. I look down upon from this high place. I see the mourning, the sadness. But don’t be sad, for I am here. I see my brother graduating and my sister’s first dance. I see my friends accomplishing great things and continuing to love each other. I see my teachers, the ones who I adored, continuing to mesmerize their students. Now it’s June. I look upon my classes graduation. Everyone passes my empty seat. Five years later, It appears as if nothing happened. However, it’s my birthday, And it’s clear they have not forgotten. Was that text really worth it? I am sure it could have waited. No text could be worth my life. Well now, look who is here. It looks like another life has been taken. I look into my murderers eyes and say: “welcome, you have been taken too soon”