In a Day

Abigail M

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In a Day 23,040 is the number of breaths we breathe. 13,500 is the number of words we speak. 10,000 is the number of steps we take. 20 is the number of smiles we fake. 3 is the number of people we meet. 4,000 is the number of friends we see. 94 is the number of messages we send. 151,600 is the number of lives that end. 1 is the ranking of accidents Taking the lives of teens at their expense. 9 is the number of these lives lost In a day due to paying this painful cost. But what is the number of changes that we Must make to end this tragedy? One. That’s all. Just one alteration Can loosen death’s grasp on this young nation. And yet, this one thing is easier said Than done, especially if just merely read. But put into action, Priority Is what the savior of life can be. A text can wait, a streak left on read, A post go unliked, a comment unsaid, A drink refused, a call on hold, An attention-seeking friend left cold. For all, there is a time and place. We set the terms, in any case. Of the 35,000 choices we make In a day, one isn’t just make, but break. Priority over Distraction can be The way to turn things from reckless to free.