Time to Save Lives!

Maya D

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Teen killed while texting and driving. 18 year old girl involved in a collision while using her cell phone. Innocent pedestrian killed by distracted driver. Sadly, this is the reality for over 4,000 teens each year. These are headlines we see far too often in this day and age of cellphones, SIRI, gps, and social media. We can’t wait five minutes to arrive at our destination to check our precious IPhone X’s; the numerous text messages, DM’s, and tweets must be checked while driving 70 mph, at a stoplight, or on the highway. What should we do to beat the statistics? It’s time to break the odds with the new and improved Smart Driving App. How does this app work? Well, let me enlighten you. This app will be required for drivers ages 16-19 in the US. Think of this as car insurance, something you need to even operate a car and drive on the road. For new teen drivers, having this app linked to your car will be required by law. This app will be downloaded on to the teen’s phone and connected to the car by using the aux cord. This allows information about the teen’s driving and performance to be downloaded and evaluated by the app. While driving, the app must be remained open and cannot be exited to search for music, check DM’s, or answer various text messages. There is a gps located on the app if needed, and teens can turn on music before they begin driving but cannot change the music while the car is in motion. If the teen exits the app to use their phone for other purposes, an alert will be sent to their guardian and a strike will be recorded on the app. If the teen receives three strikes, they will be given a ticket and have to pay a $100 fine. Additionally, the app can track the speed limit in different zones. If the teen goes over the speed limit by more than 10 mph, the app also records a strike and sends an alert to their guardian. If the driver is driving recklessly for more than 10 minutes, the app contacts the nearest police that there is a reckless driver and shows their exact location. Additionally, each year, teens have to take a test to renew their membership for that next year. This exam will test drivers on their knowledge of speed limits, texting and driving laws, and how to use the app. This test can be done through the app itself, so teens don’t have to go to the DMV to complete it. So, just like we have to get a new registration sticker every year, teen drivers have to get a new Smart Driving app sticker each year and attach it to the license plate. It is time to end distracted driving and decrease the rates of collisions. Come join me and save a life!