How To Save A Life

Kaiya O

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When I’m behind the wheel of a vehicle I am responsible for my life as well as anyone else on the roadways. I simply would not want to be the cause of myself or anyone else being brutally injured or killed. As a teenager in a generation of high peak technology use, I am fully aware texting and driving is dangerous. From what I’ve seen on the news over the years, even adults are starting to text and drive. It only takes a few seconds of looking at your device or anywhere but in front of you to cause an accident. To avoid texting and driving, one should leave the cellphone in the backseat or use the phone before getting on the road. Also, to be extra cautious you can put your phone on a driving setting to mute notifications, ask a passenger to answer for you, or turn the phone off all together. With technology today, most cars have voice recognition and blue tooth features that allows hands free control. Everyone should use the following tips above to be a cautious driver. If we all continue to practice safe driving and spread awareness, we will save many people from early death sentences.