My Last Words

Izabella C


That was the last breath I took. Not the name of my parents or the words of my will. But the plea of a fear. Before my body went still. I lie on the concrete. Unresponsive to light. No chance of a breath No chance of a fight. I was instantly killed by the truck to my left. As the impact had forced me to fall on my head. Not the name of my parents or the words of my will. Had escaped my bloody lips as I lie there in pain, but nonetheless, dead. I attended my funeral where last words were shared. But not by myself, but my parents and friends. They wept for my life and my reckless mistake. Of a young teenage girl who made the decision, To choose her own means of an end. I sit in the car, in the passenger seat. As my parents cry on their way to work each day. As my friends drive to school without me. Weeping for a girl who no longer can say, The mistake she had made was deadly.


When someone makes the decision to use their phone while driving, their decision can become deadly. It is once this decision has been made to do so, they are risking death. They are putting their lives within the hands of the road, within the hands of the vehicle, within the hands of their phone. This costly mistake can silence the voice of someone who had the opportunity to choose their own fate. Now, we all have the chance to speak for those who lost their lives in a distracted driving incident, so that no one else in the future may have their voice silenced by a reckless decision that has always been proven to be a deadly mistake.