Don’t Leave Me

Kruti D

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I’m shaking. I don’t understand what is happening, I can barely open my eyes. I’m scared, but not the type of scared when your mom is going to ground you for failing math. The type of scared when you can feel the world you know crumbling around you with everyone you love being swept away. It is the fear of death. I can feel something warm and wet dripping down my face and into my mouth, tasting strongly metallic. Blood. My heart beats faster than it ever has before and even though my heart seems to be working overtime, I’m scared it will stop any second and I will die. No one realizes how afraid they truly are of death until they are staring at it right in the face. I feel a release of pressure as I am gently lifted up into the air. Is this my soul being taken away? I quickly snap back into reality as I finally feel all of the pain that my adrenaline previously numbed me from. I scream like my whole life depends on it, but I don’t think anyone can hear me. I am blinded by flashing blue lights and soon it all comes rushing back. I had gotten in the car after saying goodbye to my mom, promising her I would be careful as I do everyday while rolling my eyes. I was always annoyed when she said that. Of course I am careful, I am a great driver. I was in my car, driving on roads that I had been on a thousand times before, and I was dancing along to my favorite playlist. A song came on that I didn’t like and I thought it would be okay to look down while I changed the song. I mean I was only driving in a straight line. It all happened so fast. The car coming from the right, honking in a frenzy as it jammed into the side of my car. The light had turned red in the second I was changing my song. I’m getting loaded into the ambulance as I glance over at the car that hit me. A woman is sobbing over a man’s body while grasping on to a bloodied ring box as if her life depended on it. A police officer went over and covered the man with a tarp while another tried to rip the woman away from his body. Her screams continuing to ring in my ear, overpowering the siren. “Don’t leave me, please don’t leave me”, she repeated over and over again. What had I done? I ruined a couple’s future, one who could have been happily engaged by now. All because I couldn’t sit through one mediocre song. I’m sorry mom, I wasn’t careful, and I failed you. I failed everyone who knew me as the kind and helpful girl who would never hurt anyone. I proved them wrong. One text, one call, one click on the forward button can cost someone their life. My whole life changed from that moment on, I’m going to jail and that woman may never heal from the loss of her loved one. Don’t think you are safe because you have replied to a text before or because you know the road you are driving on from like the back of your hand. You are never safe from falling victim to distracted driving. Don’t steal someone’s chance of living and don’t ruin your future. Your phone can wait. I wish mine did, because all I can hear at night are the words, “Don’t leave me”.