Steering the Age of Teen Drivers!

Renee M

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Do you know the effects you have when your behind the wheel of a car? When your a teen you do not worry about these things but you should 38’000 people are killed each day because of distracted driving. Most of teens problems to get them distracted is cellphones and the radio, sometimes even friends. They all have big effects on teens, cellphones cause the drives to take their eyes off the road even for a split second the car can drift and crash. It only takes a second to cause a disaster. The Radio causes the to think and look over at the station to change a song, station, and volume. Friends can cause them to not pay attention to the road maybe they are looking at something on their phone and the driver wants to see, so they take their eyes off the road to look. That just put more kids in danger of a wreck because one person took their eyes off the road. Its scary to get behind the wheel of a car when your a teen, trust me. Not only is it scary but it means your becoming an adult and you need to think about who all your putting in risk when your behind the wheel. Its not only you on the roads it could be a mom with her kids, it could be a grandfather, grandma,dad coming home from work, it could even be your best friend. So before you even start the car think of all the effects you can have if you look at your phone, turning the radio, and being with friends.