Speed tracker

Isaac B

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One way to stop distracted driving with phones would be an application which would track your displacement over the surface of the earth (by GPS) every 5 seconds. the data could be used to calculate your speed. when your phone moves at horizontal speeds of greater than 20km per hour it would determine that you must be on a motorized vehicle. it would then be automatically blue-tooth linked to a USB stick upon deciding you are in a vehicle, which plugs into your car’s USB outlet. this would prompt the program to close your phone, and upon opening it reads a blank screen which says “Do not be distracted while driving” with no buttons except an emergency 911 call button. once you slow down enough or it does not detect the signal it would lose this effect and restore your phone to normal operation. the program would also log all uses and times of use and send reports to parents (as majority of distracted driving happens in teens). this system would allow monitoring and locking of phones, with parental inclusion, but not lock phones during normal use, on public transport, or of passengers.