A Strategy and Solution to Distracted Driving

Hunter S

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Distracted driving, should be approached with the same logic as the breathalyzer addition to motorized vehicles. Also known as, interlock ignition devices, the car breathalyzer prevents the car from starting, after the driver consumes alcohol above the U.S. legal limit of 0.08%. Nationwide, cars with breathalyzers have dramatically reduced the number of DUIs and alcohol-related traffic deaths. However, it’s effectiveness has decreased in recent years due to the legalization of Marijuana and Cannabis related products in states like Nevada. Likewise, motorized vehicles need a device that not only limits an individual’s access to their phones (the greatest distraction while on the road), but one that does not lose effectiveness or popularity in the furniture. Minimizing, the phone distraction issue for drivers, should not be a direct limitation upon the licensed driver’s access to the starting procedures of their vehicle, but merely a preventative measure —instituted during the operation of the vehicle while on the road that assists drivers in keeping their eyes on the road and not elsewhere. Motorized vehicles should include on the interior a surround-sound responsive system (like Siri or Amazon Alexa) that can help a driver make calls and texts without using their phone directly. The cars voice system, using automated intelligence, could tell the driver if any miscellaneous objects or nature is obstructing the pathway of car without the use of a small screen (which would make the diver take their eyes off the road).