Something to Think About

Lindsay Nicole T


Nothing is worse than hurting the ones we love, distracted by the words that float in our ears. Not a word can be spared as everyone falls in despair, crashing into another car and flying into the air. All can be stopped if we don’t drive, with phones and distractions pulling our eyes. To prevent the pain, the cause, the public attention- to stop our bad habits and be more aware of the unknown predictions. Cars crashing and blood spilling on the streets. Who else can cause these things? We the people have the power to stop, why can’t we drop all the distractions we hold? We are responsible on the wheel, join the many others who stop the habit. Join us as we stop the crashes.


In this poem I have attempted I tried to explain how the daily things we do can harm others, like the driver. The driver shouldn’t be distracted by music nor social activity as multitasking can be considered dangerous if the person is unable to do those tasks all at once. Although it’s about how much you’ve experienced driving, there are mistakes to be made and it can cause more than what the consequences are. So I want to try to address how important it is for the driver to be concentrated.