Attention to the road

Adriana V

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Multitasking is a skill that we love to practice. We pride ourselves that we can cook, wash cloth, and read a book all at the same time. But when we drive do we really want to multitask? Let think about this when we are driving we look to the left mirror, then the right mirror, then the back mirror, and then the to the cars in front of you. Now let’s add a phone to this situation now we are looking to the left to the right to your phone then back to the mirror and so on. Now lets add eating to this situation so we are driving, sending a text message, and eating a snack. Your attention is split into four places.One of your hands is on the steering wheel the other hand is going back and forth from your phone to your snack. Then all of a sudden something happens you crash. Now you ask yourself how could this have happened and if there was something different you could have done to prevent the crash.The answer is yes you could have keep both hands on the steering wheel, you could have turned off your phone so you where not tempted to answer that text message, or you could have put on your seat belt. The bottom line is that this could have all gone differently if driving had all of your attention and not merely one-fourth.