A Turn of Event

Tien V

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It was Monday, not a day that you typically look forward to, but you are more than excited because your driver license is arriving today! School passes slowly, but you do not mind. Everything will change after today. You happily share the news with the friends that you eat lunch with everyday. “Guess who won’t have to ride the bus anymore.” “Yess. You get your license today,” Brandon chipped in. “You’re going to drive us to get food?…Finally!” You get a good laugh from the comments. You cannot wait. As soon as the bus hit your stop, you immediately run to the mailbox, looking for a mail from the Department of Public Safety; There it is, waiting for you. You quickly tear apart the envelope and excitedly hold the driver license. As you look up, your dad is walking toward you with a bright smile, as if he knows exactly what you are doing. “Did your driver license arrive?” “Yes. I am so excited. Can I take the car for a ride today?” “Sure, you can, but be careful on the road.” “I know, Dad. You told me that at least a million trillion times.” “I just want you to be careful. 4,000 teens die in crashes every year. Remember to wear your seat belt. Do not use your phone while driving, and do not drive distracted. You heard?” You roll your eyes. “Yes. Yes. I heard.” It has been a week since you got your license; yesterday, you have planned with your friends to drive them to school. You are eager but also worried since you will be driving two of your friends; the responsibilities lie on your shoulder to drive safely. The house bell rings, cautioning you back to reality. “It is fine. I have done this hundreds of times,” you assure yourself. The road to your school is quite bumpy. It does not help when both of your friends are joking around, making you laugh with them. “Hey, can you guys be quiet for a second?” “Can you chill out? We are almost there.” “Focus on the road. Stop lecturing us.” You get mad. “I cannot focus if you guys keep distracting me.” “Hey, don’t take my phone…Kenya, leave it alone!” “Kim, focus! The cars!” You cannot seem to open your eyes, and when you manage, what you see is like a movie scene. The ambulance siren keeps getting louder and louder, and the flash of the police car wants to blind you. You hear the scream of something faintly familiar. “Keyna! Keyna! You stare straight ahead, and it is your best friend Tom, laying just a few feet away from you with blood dripping from his forehead. His mouth mumbling the words that you cannot seem to make out. And you finally hear it. It’s your name: Kim. “Kim, Kim, wake up.” You look around confused, “I am awake. What is he talking about?” Only when your eyes avert to another body next to you that you realize there you are lying on ground. Your arms bend awkwardly behind your back, as if broken, and covered in bloody scratches. Your jeans are ripped apart, showing a pair of tan legs, the very same ones that you used to run during marathons to raise awareness for cancer and ironically distracted driving. Your face is almost unrecognizable; the dark badges under your eyes formed after many sleepless nights chasing your dreams now painted a shade of scarlet. Those hazel and bluish eyes that are the characteristics left behind by your mother are now closed forever.