Don’t let me Take all the Attention

Kaitlin K

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Hi I am the thing that distracts you from everyday tasks such as, cleaning your house. or listening in school. You usually are pretty good at keeping your phone away while you are driving but not on this particular day. It was and exciting day for you; your cousin is about to get married and you cannot wait till you pick out your dresses. Well that day came and you got a text message of the time you need to be at the bridal shop. You were so excited you could not wait to look at so you did. You picked me up and read that text message and unknowingly swerved into the other lane. It was until a passing driver had honked at you to let you know that you where going to get hit if you did not move. You did just in time, then when it seemed like there was no one else on the road you looked at it again this time not paying attention for a long time. I just wish that you would put me down and live in the real world focusing on what is happening in the moment instead of something that may be happening two hours from. Make the most of the time that you have now do not shorten it by making that stupid mistake