The Last Time

Alli C

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Do you know what it feels like to have your last something? Your last chocolate chip ice cream cone? Your last warm summer day? Your last run to the park? No, because we all assume that we will get another day. Another chance. How can we know when something terrible will happen? Put down the phone and enjoy the ride. Enjoy the warm summer air with the wind blowing in your face. 15 minutes and you’re at your destination… what could they possibly need? Ignore the texts and listen to your thoughts. Are you happy? Are you anxious? What do you need? All the hiding behind the screen gives you no time to truly understand your needs. Take the time in that 15 minute car ride to reflect for yourself. Don’t kill the joy of someone else’s day by texting and driving your life away. Look out the window, smile and wave, enjoy what life has for you on this day. Don’t be a statistic, don’t cut yourself short, you’re in control of you… no one else. Put down that phone, wait, you are more important than a text.