The Tragedy of a Mistake

Gianna C

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There is nothing accidental about driving under the influence or being distracted. If a person who chooses to put themselves and others in harms way than it is not a accident. It is a conscious decision to not care about themselves or others. They choose not to think about what it would do to their family. What their mothers face would look like when the police pulls up to their house. How she barely pulls herself together to open the door, because she knows that something bad has happened. Their father has to hold their mother together as the police officer explains what happened. They don’t think about how their father can barely breathe when he has to go to the coroners office to identify their body. They don’t think about how their friends feel like their whole world has caved in from their loss. They do not think about how people still don’t sit in the place they used to sit in class. They do not think about their best friend trying not to think about all the times they have had together. They don’t think about any of that. So next time thin about all of that when you decide the be careless why driving.