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Crashing and dangerous car accidents are not that surprising when people drive. A solution to reckless driving is really questionable. Over the years, companies such as Madza, Toyota, Ford, Lincoln, etc. have come up with ways for drivers to be alert when driving. These companies tried putting in camera’s in the back of the cars so drivers can see when reversing out of the parking lot or driveway. They even put signals on the rear view mirrors so the drivers will know either the car is driving too close to another car or almost hits another car. One of the things that I don’t agree with when it comes to reckless driving, is putting wifi in vehicles. Wifi distracts a lot of people, and it distracts drivers too just like texting. Wifi is not a good solution when it comes to vehicles because it will end up distracting the driver and the driver could put his or her life in danger if they don’t pay attention while driving. A lot of companies are trying to make solutions to prevent crashes and accidents, but the solution for reckless driving is the people in general. The people are the ones who are driving their vehicles everyday, the people are the ones who need to be careful and cautious, and the people are the ones who need to get off their phones and pay attention to the road because anything can happen. If people thought of themselves as the solution, then there will probably won’t be that many car accidents.